Hello and welcome! I’m Nazia, your culinary guide from the bustling streets of Chennai to the scenic landscapes of Vietnam. Dive into my world where tradition meets modern, creating a symphony of flavors.

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Melding Flavors from Chennai to Vietnam and Beyond!


Nazia’s Recommendations


Equip your kitchen with the best. As a culinary enthusiast, I’ve tried and tested these tools to bring perfection to my dishes.


Roasting Pan

Dreaming of a flawless roast? The secret lies in your pan! Unlock culinary excellence with the best Roasting Pan For Prime Rib. Taste the difference with the right tools.


Rice Cooker

Rice, the heart of countless dishes worldwide. But perfection in each grain? That’s an art! Master the art with precision and consistency. Discover the best rice cooker from Japan and elevate every meal. Because every grain matters


Pressure Cooker

Desire gourmet meals without the long hours? The secret isn’t just in the ingredients, but also the tool. Experience effortless cooking at its finest with the best pressure cooker. Savor the taste, skip the wait.

From Chennai Flavors to Global FusioN

Nazia Cooks It All


Pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking, I bring to you dishes infused with flavors from around the world. From sambhar-infused pasta to biryani pies, step into the delightful world of fusion cooking.

From Chennai’s rich culinary heritage to Vietnam’s diverse food landscape, my journey has been nothing short of flavorsome. Blending the old with the new, I’m on a mission to share, inspire, and connect through food. Discover more about my adventures at Food And Meal and dive deep into my world of gastronomy.


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our thoughts, questions, and feedback enrich my culinary journey. Let’s share stories, swap recipes, or simply chat about our favorite dishes. Reach out and let’s make the world a tastier place!

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