Crunchy Delight: Crafting Irresistible Peanut Microwave Brittle

Peanut Microwave Brittle is not an easy dessert to make in microwave, but I have twisted the recipe and have described in easy steps to make it like a child’s play. You will dig your brittles like nothing after making them!!

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Peanut Microwave Brittle

As we conclude our exploration of Peanut Microwave Brittle, remember that the joy of culinary creation often lies in its simplicity. This treat invites you to embrace the art of minimalism and savor the essence of nuts and sugar in every bite. So, whether it's a personal indulgence or a delightful gift for someone special, may this brittle be a constant reminder that the most exquisite pleasures are often found in the uncomplicated moments.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 4 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Calories 150 kcal


  • 1 bowl
  • 1 microwave


  • 1 cup White sugar
  • 1 cup Salted peanuts
  • 1 tsp Baking soda
  • 1/2 cup Corn syrup
  • 1 tsp Butter
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract


  • Initiate microwave dessert making by taking a bowl being microwave safe. Fill it by mixing up corn syrup and sugar. Mix them all in gradual manner.
  • Then allow it to gradually microwave for the next 4 minutes. Take out and mix in peanuts.
  • Again microwave it for 3 to 4 minutes more. Take out and mix up vanilla and butter. Put the bowl back to microwave for 1.5 to 2 minutes.
  • Take out and allow few minutes for the lovely brittle mixture to cool down. Mix up baking soda and mix to make mixture foamy and light.
  • Then take a cookie sheet and nicely butter it up. Place the brittle mixture over sheet and make thin layer on it. Then after, make pieces out of it and enjoy!!



Peanut Microwave Brittle is a symphony of textures and flavors that comes together in a matter of minutes. This recipe is a testament to the brilliance of microwave cooking, where nuts and sugar unite to create a captivating treat.
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Tips and tricks

Peanut Brittle Recipe

  • Nut Selection: Choose fresh and high-quality peanuts. Opt for unsalted ones to have better control over the saltiness of the final product.
  • Even Spreading: Spread the peanuts evenly on a microwave-safe dish. This ensures uniform cooking and prevents uneven clusters.
  • Grease the Dish: Lightly grease the dish with non-stick cooking spray before spreading the peanuts. This makes it easier to remove the brittle once it’s cooled.
  • Mixing the Ingredients: When combining peanuts and sugar, make sure every nut is coated with sugar. This guarantees a consistent sweetness in each bite.
  • Microwaving Intervals: Microwave in short intervals and check for doneness. The peanuts should be golden brown, and the sugar mixture should be bubbling.
  • Handle with Care: The mixture will be extremely hot, so use oven mitts or kitchen gloves when handling the dish.
  • Quick Work: Move swiftly when spreading the mixture on the dish. Once it starts to cool, it becomes harder to spread evenly.
  • Butter Flavoring: For extra richness, consider adding a small amount of butter flavoring to the sugar mixture before microwaving. It complements the nutty taste beautifully.
  • Cooling Time: Allow the brittle to cool and harden completely before breaking it into pieces. This ensures that it retains its signature crunchiness.
  • Breaking the Brittle: To break the brittle into pieces, gently tap it with a rolling pin or a kitchen mallet. Alternatively, you can use your hands to snap it into uneven shards for a rustic look.
  • Storage: Store the brittle in an airtight container at room temperature. Adding a small piece of parchment paper between layers can prevent sticking.
  • Customization: Experiment with different nut varieties, such as almonds or cashews, to create your own unique brittle blend.

Serving Suggestions for Peanut Microwave Brittle

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  • Afternoon Tea Elegance: Pair your cup of tea with a few delicate pieces of Peanut Microwave Brittle. The subtle sweetness and nutty crunch make it a sophisticated addition to your tea ritual.
  • Dessert Charcuterie: Create a dessert charcuterie board with an assortment of Peanut Microwave Brittle, chocolate squares, dried fruits, and mini pastries. It’s an inviting way to indulge in bite-sized delights.
  • Snack Time Triumph: Elevate your snack game by munching on Peanut Microwave Brittle alongside a handful of fresh grapes or berries. The contrast of textures is truly satisfying.
  • Ice Cream Glamour: Crumble Peanut Microwave Brittle over a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor. The combination of creamy and crunchy is a match made in dessert heaven.
  • Gift with Heart: Wrap up brittle pieces in a decorative box or jar, tied with a ribbon. It’s a thoughtful and homemade gift that’s sure to bring smiles.

FAQs of Peanut Microwave Brittle

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  • Can I use other nuts? Absolutely! While peanuts are traditional, you can experiment with almonds, cashews, or mixed nuts for a unique twist on the classic recipe.
  • How do I prevent the brittle from becoming too hard? Timing is key. Be attentive during the microwaving process to avoid overcooking. The brittle should be golden and slightly firm but not excessively hard.
  • Can I add spices for flavor? Certainly! A dash of cinnamon or a sprinkle of sea salt can enhance the flavor profile. Add them to the sugar mixture before microwaving.
  • Can I double the recipe? Yes, you can double the recipe, but be sure to use a larger microwave-safe dish to accommodate the increased quantity. Adjust the microwaving time as needed.
  • How should I store leftover brittle? Store the Peanut Microwave Brittle in an airtight container at room temperature. To maintain its crispiness, avoid exposing it to humidity or moisture.

As we bid adieu to the world of Peanut Microwave Brittle, let its nutty charm linger in your culinary adventures. The joy of creating a crispy treat that delights the senses is a reminder that magic can be found in even the simplest of recipes. May your kitchen continue to be a canvas for exploration, innovation, and the sheer pleasure of crafting edible delights. So, go ahead, savor the crunch, relish the sweetness, and embrace the joy of sharing homemade goodness with those around you.

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